Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Latest news: Upgraded to Girlfriend 2003 version 4. Version 3 convinced herself of our incompatibility, then convinced me of the same as well. Version 4 is very nice to be around, and very easy on the eyes. There are a couple of issues that require patching to 4.1. We'll see. I'm hoping to avoid going to version 5, the v4 interface is way too good for that. [In English, the third girl I dated this year decided to stop dating me in favor of a player to be named later on the grounds that I was too bland. Go figure. I met another girl, who is a beautiful 6ft tall beach bunny/caterer/entrepreneur studying to be a massage therapist. We've hit it off really well so far, and I'm hoping we make through that "getting to know you" phase.]

Long run of 10 miles last week. I'm on track to run a half marathon in the next 60 days and a marathon by mid-January. Must remember to use sports drinks and/or energy gels in runs over 6 miles, though...that 10 mile run left me pale and shaking.

Bought a Sony DSC-F717 camera package. Way cool. The feature set is awesome, and even I can take decent photos with all the helpful features built into the camera. I'll post some pix on my web site once I move it (the URL forwarding) to my personal server instead of my Yahoo homepage.

Sony DSC-F717 Camera

Progress continues on the Eylau computer game. I'm taking a couple of days off this month to work on the AI. We should be into beta on the AI by the end of November.


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