Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Back Again for a While...

I noticed today that this blog was no longer accessible.  It seems my gmail account was disabled and that took the blog with it.  Silly Google.  I may have to look into moving this into a more reliable provider.

In any event, I've been busy.  Personal update.  In 2014
  • I attained the Microsoft C# Specialist certification.
  • Wound down one scrum team at work, participated on another as a supplementary architect and then took over a third as primary architect.
  • Delivered presentations at work on Windows Phone 8 programming and Xamarin iOS programming.
  • Completed a Windows Phone 8 app and most of a port of the same to iOS using Xamarin.  Laundry timing utility.  Coming soon to the respective app stores.
  • Prepared for and survived a week long trip to Disney World with my family.

I'll likely keep this blog for personal comments, but I'm very likely to repoint coherentlite.com to a new blog if I use CoherentLite as a company name for the apps work.

My goals for 2015 are
  • Walk 10000 steps per day.
  • Work 4 hours per week on my apps and other interests.
  • Work 2 months (at 4 hours per week) on the PIC Guam AI proof of concept.

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