Thursday, December 11, 2003

Game Development Status

November topped out at 31 hours 52 minutes.

I have 9 hours 22 minutes so far in December.

Latest work included debugging an AV in the extended line code. I refactored the code, eliminated the AVs, then enhanced the UI -- now the code disables the extend line button if the unit is not able to enter extended line formation. Compare this with other formation buttons that allow the user to press the button, only to display an error message describing the reason(s) why that function is not allowed.

I am tuning the high level AI. I am working through modifications to allow a single command to cover more than one victory location at a time. Doing some heavy thinking on game play and strategy. Working with Chris to integrate the high level and low level AI functions.

Personal Life Status

Oh, gee...I have one? News to me. I've pretty much put things on hold until after the first of the year, due to the amount of free time the game is using. Ramping up my running miles. Ramping down my food intake, plus trying to eat a more balanced diet.

Of course, that's not to say that I would turn down an opportunity to date. I'm just not actively pursuing that now. I still have profiles out there on and Yahoo dating, I still have entries in my favorites lists, and I still browse the listings (as infrequently as I can stand). I'm gonna make like that buzzard in the cartoon ("Patience, hell! ...") after the first of the year.


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