Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Game Development Status

I've put in 28 hours of effort so far this month. I should top 40 by Sunday.

The high level AI is working now: it generates, evaluates, and ranks plans.

My next task is to stabilize the AI...the AI tends to lock the game after a turn transition. Once I work the kinks out of the turn transitions, I need to verify that new plan workups are done by the AI each turn, and that reinforcements are synced to the AI.

Once I complete those stabilization tasks, I'm back to tuning the AI and integrating the high level AI with Chris' low level AI. I still want to implement a computer assist that runs the AI code in a hotseat game -- this would be a great tool for tuning the AI.

We are still on track for a January release to the Beta group.


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